When you or I say something that isn’t true, it’s called “intentional misrepresentation of fact“.

When Krisna Saravanamuttu says something that isn’t true, it’s called a Thursday. 


3 Responses to “SaravanamuTube”

  1. StudentA Says:

    Please tell me you all noticed that Coren took a full out shot at the fact that CFS is consistently and ILLEGALLY rigging ballots in order to get their extremist mouthpieces out there.

    Krisna tried so hard to save his own ass out there, but viewers can see right through it. The fact that Coren would stop him, tell him he’s wrong and why, at which point Krisna would ‘continue’ and ‘finish the point he was making’… yea, rewind and see that his points really never match up at the end of the discussion.

    This guy is either going to get his ass saved millions of times over the next year, or the students at York will truly come together and take out an organization (yes, the CFS is no ‘Union’, they are an organization used to brainwash and preach their own version of ‘human rights’ to those who bother to listen) that is threatening student life across the country.

    It’s no longer going to be a battle over race, religion, culture, right or even left wing values. It will become an opportunity to bring REAL students together to get rid of FAKE organizations trying to take over Canadian Universities to preach their lies and invoke worthless fighting over topics of discussion that bare no merit and are typically presented with false information and no academic assessment.

    Students, it’s time to make University a place of fun, education without hatred, and the opportunity to become involved in a culture unlike any other you will ever experience. For this, I sincerely hope that you will get involved, shed the hate that’s tried again and again to take over campuses, and bring light and good back to (as they say) the best years of your lives.

  2. Krisnasucks Says:

    “You weren’t elected by anyone”

    Thank you.

  3. VoiceofReason Says:

    I wonder if Mr. Coren would be interested in doing a bit about corruption on Canadian campuses? That would be interesting.

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